Privacy policy

We respect you and what you do. But we don't need to know it. We do not offer free cookies and we don't track you. MarketsCombined is a free to use, open and smart website. Data displayed on MarketsCombined website, blog and all associated apps is collected from various sources.

Use of browser localstorage

MarketsCombined website make use of browser localstorage if you choose to bookmark assets. This data stays in your browser and is never shared with other applications or vendors. Data in localstorage is used by the browser to display list of assets in your dashboard. For the tech savvy, you can read more about how localstorage works on

Google analytics

MarketsCombined website make use of google analytics. Please carefully read the terms of service by Google to be aware of what Google might collect.

Our philosophy

Data is the key to build a useful service, but personal data is a different matter. We strongly believe that there are better ways to build a company or make a good living than to confuse everyone, collect personal data and exploit. We need a change and we are committed to make that change.