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“Use dashboard to create and view collections of cryptocurrencies, forex and precious metals.”

Symbol Price 24h (%)
${item.meta.symbol} ${item.meta.symbol} ${item.meta.name | trimS} ${item.meta.name} ${item.quote.latestPrice | fn} ${item.meta.currency} 30% -- ${item.quote.changePercent | fn}% ${item.quote.changePercent | fn}%
Name ${baseCurrency} 24h (%)
${item.name} ${item[baseCurrency] | fn} -- ${item[baseCurrency+'_24h_change'] | fn}% ${item[baseCurrency+'_24h_change'] | fn}%
Currency pair Rate 24h (%)
${fxBaseCurrency}/${item.name} ${item.rate | fn} -- ${item.changePercent | fn}% ${item.changePercent | fn}%
1 Ounce ${fxBaseCurrency} 24h (%)
${item.displayName} ${fxRate(item.name) | fn} -- ${item.changePercent | fn}% ${item.changePercent | fn}%


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